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‘Let us re-build your damaged toe nails so that only you know’

Many men and women suffer from unsightly toe nails and are embarrassed by their feet.  In order to hide them from their friends and family they often wear a full shoe, sock or paint over the damage to disguise it, often making it worse in the process.

These types of nails may be fungal, misshapen or permanently damaged. Perhaps you have damaged your nails playing sport and still want to play but wearing shoes is uncomfortable without a nail to protect your toe. It may be that you had nail surgery some years ago and are left with little bits of nail where the nail plate should be.

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Now we can rebuild you! We are able to create a bespoke, cosmetically reconstructed nail, which will look so natural, only you will know its not real.  A choice of natural shades is available to make your new nail look as natural as possible or it can be finished with a colour of your choice and your other toes painted to match.

LCN Wilde-Pedique is a unique light-cured gel which contains Piroctone Olamine and provides and instant cosmetic solution. Wilde-Pedique Silver Plus is the only gel on the market especially designed for toenails due to its high occlusion ability and and its flexibility. It contains an antifungal agent and is ideal for cosmetically treating fungal, damaged and unsightly nails. Its available in 6 colours, and you will be amazed at how great the nails will look once constructed.

If you’re undergoing an anti-fungal treatment, which may take several months, you will have to have the nail removed and replaced several times over the course of the treatment, but you will always look your best.  Nails that are permanently damaged can wear LCN Wilde-Pedique all year round with regular maintenance.

About Me

Becoming an aesthetician was a calculated choice for me. I started my career path when I visited a local beauty salon for a Crystal-Clear facial. The facial was a bit painful at the time, and on leaving I was informed that my skin may scab. After 24 hours, my skin was very scabby, and stayed that way for at least a week – I even went to a wedding with my scabby skin, how embarrassing was that! My scientific minded husband researched as to why I had the scabby skin – he found out that the beautician may have set the setting too high for my skin; and that caused the scabbing. Fortunately, with my husband’s medical advice – I successfully treated my skin and within a fortnight my skin was glowing – as it should’ve after the initial facial. This made me think that there should be specific treatment pathways for all beauty treatments. So, I attended the London College of Beauty Therapy, gained NVQ level 3 in Beauty Therapy and got the bug to learn more advanced Beauty Aesthetic treatments and deliver them by following the correct pathways to achieve maximum results for my clients. Yes, I learned the art of beautifying my clients by following the scientifically proven pathways for each treatment. I now get the buzz to beautify my clients to best of my ability, by selecting the most appropriate treatment and see them leave my salon looking more beautiful than they entered.

Toenail Correction was one such advanced treatment that I learnt – as my Podiatry husband just drilled down the damaged, thickened or fungal infected nails of young ladies. Yes, the nail did look better – to him! But not to the young lady! She would then go off to the local Beauty Salon and get an acrylic nail – which inevitably damaged the nail further. So, there was a missing bit of this puzzle: How to make the nail look beautiful after the podiatrist has drilled the original damaged nail away? The answer was LCN’s Wilde Pedique cosmetic gel! Which is used to create a bespoke, cosmetically reconstructed nail, which will look so natural, that only you will know it’s not real. You enter London Toenail Correction Clinic with damaged, fungal or thickened nails and leave with beautiful nails that you’d be happy to show off in your open toed sandals.



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Lacquish Anti-fungal gel polish


Removal of Wilde Pedique without re-application

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London Toenail Construction Clinic is located within the Leyton Foot Clinic and runs the last Friday of each month.

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